How to find a big enough plaster

It’s been a strange week since last Thursday. The success story is that I did manage to follow the programme to the letter. I did track everything I ate, and I divided the weekly points into seven equal amounts to use with some of my daily points for a treat that felt like a treat every day. Going through a bit of a rough time, I felt this strategy would keep me on the straight and narrow.

I wasn’t wrong there. It did keep me in line, but there is something about my metabolism that is very similar to the way I am as a person. I am an all or nothing person and somehow that works for me. I normally have one day a week when I blow all my weekly points and then some, and the rest of the week I stick to very healthy eating. When I do that, I always lose weight. My problem lately has been that my emotional state has made my willpower weaken, so I haven’t been able to stay off the treats for the days I should keep healthy. Therefore, I tried this new strategy for a week, but the end result of that is that I have gained two pounds or a kg, because my metabolism doesn’t like moderate any more than I do as a person.

Anyway. I’m pleased I decided to make this effort. I have proven that I really can stick to tracking if I stay focused, and, I have reminded myself that moderate isn’t for me. So this week I’m back to one day where I blow my weeklies and then I stick to healthier choices after that. Hopefully this will work, since I now have a week of successful tracking behind me.

In a way all of what I’ve just been talking about is the easy bit. The food part is something that always falls into place if I feel good in myself in every other way. At the moment I don’t. You could say that the next stage of not being able to continue with two jobs has started. Most nights during the last week have been sleepless ones. Three of them could be blamed on a persistent ear ache, but other than that it’s been my thoughts that have been keeping me awake. I’ve worried about how to manage with everything I need to do, to the point where, to get any sleep at all, I have now decided to cut out of my life everything not directly connected to work, until May. This has helped a bit. Knowing I will have no appointments or extra things on my agenda for three weeks has calmed me down a bit. Especially since I have a week’s holiday straight after Easter, totally committed to working on my home page for my baking and my writing. Hopefully I will be able to turn my head around enough to bandage up my emotions for a while longer when it comes to my jobs outside home thanks to this break from everything else. How to find a plaster big enough to cover bleeding emotions is another story.

This break also means I won’t be back to my weight loss class until the 2nd of May, but since I actually feel more committed to weight loss now, than I have done at any point so far this year, I feel very calm about that. My gut is telling me that I will do well in May with regards to my weight loss journey, and my gut has never let me down so far in life, when I have been wise enough to listen.


My blog will continue as usual, so have a good week and I see you in 7!




2 thoughts on “How to find a big enough plaster

  1. Alison Purvis 11/04/2019 — 15:22

    Thanks for this blog Asa I read every one. I think you have been very brave to share so candidly about your journey so far. I hope you can work out what to do about work and that, in turn, will help you to feel better emotionally and get some sleep! I am really struck by the thought of there ‘not being a plaster big enough’. I can follow the program, track etc without difficulty, but if my emotions and thoughts aren’t good then I just put it all to one side and eat! Wishing you a good break and looking forward to reading more of these blogs. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Alison

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement Alison! It means a lot. I wish you a very good week!


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