Busy, happy times

We are slowly entering the time of the year that, for some reason, always has worked best for me. October to December is a time when I just feel in my element. I have a lot to do, but they are all things I enjoy doing. Being busy also keeps me away from eating out of boredom which means that, most years, I lose weight during the months leading up to Christmas. Hopefully this will be true this autumn too.

One thing I started two days ago is my yearly “spring clean”, which I always do in autumn. Normally I enter into my two-week long cleaning frenzy very early in November, but since this year I’m going to be very busy with my small, seasonal home baking business (Takin’ the Biscuit), I decided to go ahead with the cleaning before I get stuck in the kitchen. It is probably around eight or nine years since I started to bake Nordic biscuits boxes for Christmas. The boxes include 56 biscuits and cookies of seven different kinds that are traditionally baked in both Finland and Sweden. I normally have a cap at 50 boxes, because I run out of space if I bake more than the 2800 biscuits required for that number of boxes. I just might have to up the numbers a bit this year, because the pre-orders from customers kind enough to come back every year have grown, and also, I have picked up new customers from both my jobs.

The reason I’m telling you about my biscuit boxes is that you may think baking butter filled biscuits should be the worst thing I could do whilst trying to lose weight. Well, for some strange reason baking is an activity that works for me if I want to shed some pounds. It could have something to do with the sheer amount of biscuits I’m baking. It is a full-time job for a few weeks every year and I’ve learned that baking on this scale burn off a lot of calories. Another thing it does is make me happy. It is instant gratification. I can see the biscuits pile up at the same time as the wonderful scent of freshly baked cookies is spreading all around the house. To get into the mood I also start my Christmas music season while baking my Christmas biscuits, so yes, this is a time of the year that works for me. I can totally appreciate that it isn’t a method that would work for everybody. However, while it does me good on so many levels as it does at the moment, I will continue my weird autumn way of losing weight through baking.

My week, since I spoke to you last, has been both good and bad. On Sunday the chef at my job had put some luxurious chocolate biscuits in my bag that I found when I got home, and I was also given some Yorkshire puddings and beef that was left over from lunch, and after eight hours on my feet without any food, I couldn’t resist temptation. This should have levelled itself out, since I’ve been working on my own for two days at my other job, meaning I was doing the job of two people all on my own. One of the days I walked way over 13 000 steps in four hours, so hopefully this helped me to burn off the chocolate biscuits. According to my scales on Wednesday morning, I have lost a bit of weight, so fingers crossed….

Today I had lost 1Ib or half a kilo, which I’m content with. It really feels like my weight is starting to fall off a bit faster again. Not long before I can go and by myself new clothes in smaller sizes for autumn. Happy days!

Have a good week and I see you in 7!


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