Time for two days of timeout

I’ve just counted backwards and realised that there haven’t been any days without any appointments so far this July. It has been workdays or things I’ve just had to do so, I’ve decided that this week my two days off, Thursday and Friday, will be totally free. This means I wont even go to my weighing-in meeting tomorrow, Thursday, because when I’ve finished doing what I’m doing today, I need to be able to know that I have two days totally to myself.

The week just gone has been much better than expected weight wise, considering that I made a practise run of a gateau I am going to enter a competition with, in a few weeks’ time. I made the gateau as an afternoon treat for a course we held in the house last week. Unfortunately, there were a few last-minute cancellations to the course, so there was plenty of cake left over. This “Cointreau G-O-B” (grapefruit, orange, buttercream) that I have named my creation was definitely too tempting not to finish over the following days as an accompaniment to the Wimbledon finals and World Cup football games. So the fact that I have maintained my weight is a miracle. Then again, with my new job, I have three days a week when I walk on average 15 000 steps a day and during my weekend job I average around 12 000 steps a day.

I feel I’m still settling in from a lot of changes and even though I have maintained my weight, I have to say I haven’t done a lot of tracking when it comes to my meals during the last seven days. Somehow, it has felt like one thing too many. Obviously, my gateau was on such a level of calories that counting seemed like a bit of a wasted effort. Since I was off the straight and narrow anyway, I also defrosted one of my mum’s home baked breads; – another food item that is too good to have the experience of it destroyed by knowing how much over my daily intake every bite will take me. Better just to enjoy it.

How have I felt inside, considering I’ve more or less given myself seven days off the programme? I have felt incredibly calm, because by giving me a week off the programme, hasn’t meant that I have totally gone off the rails or way off budget calorie wise. I have listened to my body and given it the nutrition it has craved or needed. From years of trial and error I have learned that my metabolism now and again needs some days when I eat what I feel like, even if my head says; “this can’t be good for losing weight. “ For some reason a week like that boosts my weight loss when I get back to tracking again.

After last weeks 2.5Ibs or just under 1.5 kg down, I counted how much weight I’ve lost on average each week since I started my weight loss journey back in February. I was over the moon to realise I am keeping to my target of a minimum of 1Ib or 0.5 kg per week. It was my 23rd week within the programme and I had lost 23.5Ibs in total. That made me so happy!

Weighing myself at home, knowing the difference between my own scales and the one at class, I have stayed exactly the same this week, as I thought, but thanks to all the walking I do, I’m happy to say that I have lost a couple of cm both around my waist and my hips, making me very happy with that progress.

Now I will have two days of total rest from everything except tracking my food again!
Have a good week and I see you in 7!


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