A week of temptations

This week has been filled with temptations which, on top of everything else, has fallen within a timeframe where it would be easy for me to argue for leniency with myself, since I’m not facing the scales.

Of the temptations coming my way, some have been of my own doing. A while back I ordered Scandinavian goodies to feel a bit festive during the incoming weekend which is a big holiday in Finland and Sweden, and they arrived last week. Then another temptation came my way. This one was totally out of my control because the temptation arrived in form of a surprise parcel from my mum in Finland. Among other things she had sent me her home-baked bread that is to die for.

Luckily, I have managed to stay very focused on the goal post and the prize during the last few days, so most of the time I have been able to ignore that little devil of mine sitting on my left shoulder and whispering convincing excuses into my ear.

It is very difficult to know though, which temptations just fall into my lap and which ones my subconscious mind attracts. A couple of weeks ago I saw a notice about a baking competition at a favourite lunch and afternoon tea place. Country Harvest has been running for 25 years this year and to celebrate this big occasion they are arranging a baking competition. I moved to England 23 years ago, and lived very close to Country Harvest, and this farm shop and restaurant very soon became a favourite place to go to for a treat. You could say I have watch their whole journey of growth and development.

As soon as I saw the notice about the competition I just knew I was going to take part. It did seem a logical thing to do, since I run a small, seasonal baking business and this was a very good way to promote myself for free. It was only after the deed was done and I had booked my place in the competition on the 9th of August that I started to wonder how much of this decision was my mind manipulating me into a place where I am now forced to both practice baking and tasting my creations, whilst getting ready for the competition? Knowing myself well enough to admit that I could be the person that wrote the rulebook on manipulation when it comes to conning myself, I really don’t know how much of this action was a genuine want to promote my business and how much was my subconscious mind manipulating me into the land of buttercream and sugar.

I doubt I’ll ever really know the answer to my question, but , at the moment, since I seem to be putting my weight loss success ahead of all the silly games I may play in the background ,I have to hope I will be strong enough not to spoil my journey during the next few weeks!

How have I done this week then? Well according to my scales at home, having learned the differences between that one and the one at class, I have managed to lose 2Ibs or 1kg. I am obviously very pleased with that result and in my mind, I’m strongly set for a very good week, without any over the top indulgences. Hopefully, in a weeks’ time, I will be able to tell you that this mind set of mine didn’t crumble at any point.

Have a good week and see you in 7!


2 thoughts on “A week of temptations

  1. Alison Purvis 21/06/2018 — 11:22

    As a keen baker myself I recognise some of what you are saying this week! Most of the time I am not tempted to eat the cakes I make as they are presented while. The problem for me comes with the bowl and beaters after I have made icing!! How quickly I put washing up liquid on them or not is a real measure of where my head is with my weight loss goals. Well done on your weight loss and good luck in the baking contest. XX


    1. Thank you Alison! And yes, washing up liquid is often a great saviour to my weight loss too! 😂


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