Addictive behaviour

For me, the most important thing to keep me from snacking on unhealthy things, is to keep plenty of my basics “go-to” foods in my cupboards. It seems like my brain goes into panic mode if I let myself run out of apples, bananas, fresh and frozen berries, fat free natural yoghurt and boiled eggs. Those are my basic go-to items if I get hungry between meals. They are all “free foods” in my plan so there are no limitations on them.
Last week I should have gone shopping on Friday because the food cupboards were starting to look a bit empty in general. Unfortunately, the beautiful weather made me prioritise other things. Working two long days in a hot kitchen during the weekend meant I didn’t fancy going shopping after work on any either of those days. Come Monday and all my staple foods were gone. Obviously, it was stupid of me to let it get that far, but if I hadn’t, I’d never realise how powerful the mind can be. When my cupboards are filled, and I have got my go-to foods on hand, I don’t seem to need them so often. As soon as I knew, I had absolutely nothing to take to if needing a snack, I was hungrier than ever. My mind could not settle or think about anything but food. Sadly, Mondays are very busy days for me, so I couldn’t go shopping before late afternoon and the panic my mind felt, knowing there was no safety net within my home, was horrendous.
It stunned me to realise I was showing addictive behaviour. Just because these foods weren’t where I could put my hands om them if I felt the need, I couldn’t settle on anything else. I was in the cupboards all the time checking what I could eat without going on to unhealthy things. Then, to get some work done, I made myself yet another cup of coffee, then I went back to repeat the procedure. Even though it was anything but a fun day, it was interesting to experience my behaviour from the outside and to follow how my mind worked.
We all need food to survive, but for those of us who have taken on food as a crutch and a comfort at some point in our life, after having experienced something emotional that’s been too horrific for us to deal with, food isn’t always a friend. It may be just as addictive as any other substance, and since we can’t stop eating we will have to finally find a way to deal with it, and emotionally sort out whatever drove us to comfort eat in the first place. To develop a neutral relationship with food, and eliminate food as a solution for emotional triggers, is the only way to get to, and then, finally stay, within a healthy weight range and get off the rollercoaster ride of weight gain and weight loss. I did well on Monday, even if it was an exhausting experience, and I have a feeling that I’ve done well all week.
I was right! Today, I was 3Ibs lighter than last week, or around 1.5kg. If I lose 1Ib this coming week I’ve lost 1.5 stone in total or just under 11 kg. Since I’m aiming for two, that should be able to achieve.


Have a good week everyone, and I see you in 7!

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