Oh, those conditioned behaviour patterns!

For the last two weeks we have been able to enjoy a long stretch of beautiful summer days in the part of the world where I live, which is the north of England. This doesn’t happen very often. We are more used to one good day here and one good day there. Because I never expect the heat to linger, my brain always goes into panic mode as soon as I can feel a proper summer’s day approaching us.

When the warmth arrives, my brain keeps telling me I have to do all those things that I connect with a hot summers day. Go out for a leisurely lunch somewhere, then obviously have a big ice cream and why not finish the day with a barbecue in the evening. These programmed thought patterns or, if you like, excuses to eat, are so strong it takes a vast amount of willpower to direct my actions on to a different path.

Or, maybe I can put that statement in a past tense now. I have to say my brain hasn’t been that hard to convince lately. I haven’t felt like I have been missing out, even though the summer days haven’t been filled with eating traditions. I have been happily going about my daily life as usual, even though the sun’s been blazing from a clear blue sky. Yes, there has been more ice cream that normal, but no big whoppers of portions. Just enough to make it feel like I haven’t missed out.

The week just gone has been filled with a bit more improvisation that I would have liked, due to the Bank holiday. None of the improvisations have been food related as such, but there have been a few times where I, due to the spontaneous days have found myself in situations where I haven’t been able to control the points in what I have been eating, and instead have had to guestimate.

That considered the week hasn’t been bad. I have a feeling I will either have maintained my weight or lost a pound, but since I’ve had two weeks where the weight loss been more rapid than usual that is ok too. Especially as I know that, in no shape or form, I have done anything even close to falling off the rails.

I had one bad piece of news this week that resulted in some comfort food in the end . After having looked for a second job for six months and not being able to find one. This is because I’m already working every weekend, and most companies want people that can cover weekends, Finally, I was offered a trial shift as a waitress at a garden centre café. The manager didn’t seem to mind that I couldn’t do weekends and she was happy with me only being able to take on 12 hours. You wouldn’t believe my joy, and since I’ve never lost a job that I’ve got as far as a trial for, I felt it was a done deal. Then, the day before my trial shift the manager rang me and said that someone had already been employed without her knowledge, so unfortunately, she didn’t need me. It was actually the lie, more than the fact I had to continue to search for a second job, that steered me to my comfort food. How could anyone employ somebody without the managers knowledge? And in fairness, do I really want to work for someone who thinks I’m stupid enough to believe that lie? I wish she would just have said she’d found someone that was able to be more flexible with their hours. I would still have been gutted, but it is always the lying that gets to me!

Anyway, my moment of weakness, ended in five of my home-made cookies that I actually had forgotten existed, but that was it. After that I was right back on track. The day after I had a real boost to my weight loss journey when I realised one more shirt that has been too small, now fits me. It is a shirt that I bought, because I loved the colour and style knowing it was too small but after my weight loss plans were already brewing. Well, it has waited three years on its hanger, to be seen. Luckily it is a timeless design. But now I am there and I could wear it, but I am going to wait until I’ve lost another half stone, because then it will be absolutely perfect. Happy days!


Today, just as I thought, I had maintained my weight. I’m ok with that, because I realised it’s got more to do with being less active due to the heat, than anything else. I will go for a 2Ib loss next week instead. Fingers crossed I can fulfil that goal!


Have a good week and I see you in 7!



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