It works a treat

Last week I promised that I would tell you what I have done to make the plan I’m following work for me personally. Well, I promised to do so if it had worked this week too and last weeks weight loss wasn’t just a fluke. I’m happy to announce it was not! My own little way of working the programme so that it fits my personality is working brilliantly. It has made the plan a part of my life and the last couple of weeks I haven’t even reflected over the fact that I am on a mission to lose weight. I just am!

I also told you last week that I am a person who is black or white; Hot or cold; Up or down. I wasn’t built with any kind of happy medium whatsoever. Even if I have noticed that I have mellowed a lot lately when it comes to how I react to my surroundings, this change hasn’t given me any happy medium traits yet. Therefore, I have to accept that my all or nothing personality is with me in everything I do, and I have to roll with that to succeed. It has actually served me well on many occasions so far and for that I have no reason to grumble.

Right! What did I start to do differently in the plan fourteen days ago to fit my personality? Well, I started to blow my weekly points combined with my daily points on either Thursday, which is weighing in day, or Friday that often is my one day off in the week. I eat something I really fancy. Either savoury or sweet however many points (within reason), and if necessary I claw back points for the rest of the week with the roll over points.

I know this might fill many out there with horror, because for most people it would be difficult to know they’ve blown the weekly points with abundance in one swift swoop, but for me it works. As I said, all or nothing. It is only by doing this, I have become really good at tracking absolutely everything I eat, and therefore ending up at the right side of my total point tally, at the end of the seven-day period.

While I had the choice of going a little bit over my daily point tally, with a little treat here and a little treat there, thanks to the weekly allowance I “guestimated” a lot and definitely always in my favour. Little treats don’t do it for me. I’m not a “one-piece-of-chocolate” person. I’m an ‘eat it all’ or a ‘happily leave it be’ person. I can live very comfortably on the enormous amounts of zero-point foods that the programme offers. Most of my normal diet actually fits within those items anyway and knowing that, I give myself one day where I eat whatever takes my fancy (again, within some kind of reason) and that makes me a happy bunny.

I have realised that when working the programme this way, I’m actually back to a programme I followed over a decade ago where I lost around six stones, of which five have stayed off since. It was the last programme before the points system took over. I had the choice to keep to a long list of foods but had no limits to how much of those foods I ate. There was no weighing out portions. I lost all that weight by sticking to those foods but gave myself one day when I allowed myself something outside the programme that I really fancied.

To prove to everyone that I’m not going totally off the rails with what I allow myself to eat, I discarded a big block of chocolate that I had planned as a treat last week. Finding out the points for that bar was a ridiculous amount of 96, I never even considered eating a bit of it. That was just stupid and something I would never do. Nothing is worth that!
For me this is really working, knowing that there is one day in a week where I can have that big treat. The other days I feel I’m giving myself a treat by eating good, tasty, very healthy stuff instead. You could say this system works “a treat” for me. This week I have been able to start wearing a white summer top that I bought a couple of years back, but was never able to wear, because it immediately became far too tight around my arms and shoulders. Now, it is absolutely perfect, which I call perfect timing since summer is really upon us now.

This week I had lost another 2.5Ibs or 1.1kg. In total I’ve lost 17Ibs or 9kg! I feel I’m on a roll and my mood goes up a notch for every pound I lose, which makes me want to do even better.

Have a good week and I see you in 7!



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