Bouncing back

Today is weighing in day. The first one after indulging in Easter eggs etc. I feel pretty ok going in to face the scales. Yes, I have a feeling the scales will have gone the wrong way for me this week, but not in a catastrophic way. First of all I ate much less chocolate and sweet stuff than normal during a big holiday. What I did do was to indulge more on savoury things from my home country Finland. My mum had, among other things, sent me two of her homemade bread loafs that I love, and I had ordered some Scandinavian savoury treats from a place here in England helping me to lean towards savoury rather than sweet.

The best thing was that as soon as Easter was gone, and Tuesday was here, I was back on track again. It wasn’t even a struggle. I still have some chocolate left, and my mind-set only a few months ago would have been to “ease off” the bad stuff and spread out the unhealthy eating until after this incoming weekend. On Tuesday those kinds of thoughts never even enter my head. I was straight back to healthy eating and my mind was once again, clearly set on losing weight. Therefore, I don’t have a problem facing the scales in a few hours’ time. I’m back on track, and even if I’ve gained some weight I am far from being out of control, and THAT is the secret. I don’t have that niggling fear inside me worrying about how many weeks I will go backwards until I can “get a grip” over my eating habits again. I would go as far as to saying that I never lost control over Easter. I just allowed myself to enjoy food from my home country, always knowing I was strong enough to cut out the high and empty calorie foods as soon as the holiday was over.

“I am far from being out of control,

and THAT is the secret”

It’s amazing how easy it is to bounce back when you are in a good place and are feeling strong. Personally, I always think that feeling will last forever when I’m in the zone. Obviously, it doesn’t, but at the moment I am reminding myself to enjoy it while it last. I have a habit of taking myself, my life, and the world too seriously. This is such a waste of time because most of the things I worry about won’t matter in a few decades or so. I feel much better when I can laugh at myself and what I do. This morning, for instance, I laughed about the headline “Bouncing back”. I thought, well yes, I better make use of that headline while I still got enough padding around my bones to be able to bounce. Another thing that is amusing me, is that I constantly have to check that I haven’t dropped my mobile phone these days. I always lose weight around my waist and bum first. This means that my jeans are now getting a bit too big. While they were tight fitting, my mobile phone was secure in my back pocket, but now I keep dropping it on my car seat when getting out of the car etc. Obviously, it is a problem I didn’t have before starting this journey, but it is a very enjoyable problem as long as I remember to check that my phone is still with me.

“I always think that feeling

will last forever when

I’m in the zone. “

Now I have encountered the scales, and I had only gained half a pound or 200gr. That really is nothing and I’m giving myself a rare pat on the back! A good steady seven days now and I should be a bit closer to having lost my first stone.


Have a good week and I see you in 7!


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